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The lock cylinder is the essential component for the operation of the lock. This is the element that receives the key and allows the locking and unlocking of the door. It consists of the stator and the rotor, the rotating element of your cylinder. It can be integrated into different locking models: 1-point lock, 3-point Trimax type lock, CP type safety lock or even on a key switch.
Today, the European type cylinder is the most widely used in France.
The choice of the cylinder also goes through the choice of the key. Its appearance and its mode of reproduction, whether for a notched, reversible pump key.
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How to know the dimension of a lock cylinder?

To know the dimension of a lock cylinder you must measure the distance between the fixing hole (bit) and the inner and outer ends of the cylinder. You will thus obtain two measures ex: 30x40mm, 35x45mm, etc. allowing you to choose the cylinder best suited to your door lock.

What is a door barrel?

The barrel is another name for talking about the cylinder or barrel of a lock.

What is a European cylinder?

A European cylinder is a cylinder whose external shape is standardized for Europe. Thus, all European cylinders can be used everywhere in Europe and are interchangeable. Their installation is very simple, since they only have one fixing screw.


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