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THIRARD has a wide range of door handles and fittings. Designed for all types of doors and in different versions depending on use: Without hole, locking, with key hole, with cylinder hole for standard door or with cylinder hole for landing door. Our handle models are offered with various chrome, aluminum, lacquered, brass, porcelain, PVC, steel finishes… Thirard also offers accessories for door handles or window handles (squares, cover plates, rosettes, strikers, hinges , door stops, door closers, peephole…)

What is a door handle?

A door handle is an elongated handle that allows opening and closing. Visible part of the handle, the crutch is used to manipulate the cane nozzle. The handle comes in shape, color and finish to adapt to all decorations from the most rustic to the most modern.

How to remove a door handle?

To remove a door handle, simply unscrew the visible screws positioned at the top and bottom of the cover plate. Once removed, you can easily separate the handles and the plates in order to replace them.

How to measure the center distance of a door handle?

To measure the center distance of a door handle, simply take the distance between the two fixing holes of the cover plate. There are two standard center distance dimensions for door handles: 165 or 195 mm. Before choosing a new handle, it is important to know this dimension in order to install the new one as easily as possible.


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