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40 mm pin, 50 mm pin, Trimax Multipoints… THIRARD offers a complete range of mortise locks, some models of which are CE, NFqc, NF and A2P approved.
The built-in lock is inserted into the thickness of the door and is completely invisible. It does not hinder the decorative choice since it is possible to adapt all varieties of handles and plates according to the taste of the user.
Our built-in locks adapt to any type of door or configuration (entrance doors or glazed entrance doors, interior doors, service doors, cellar or garage doors, for gates and gates, for ERP or for industry but also mortise locks for sliding doors and locks for hinged doors). Our ranges of built-in locks are suitable for all types of doors (wooden, aluminium, PVC, sliding doors – with pockets, or for bathroom/wc doors) with latch, hook or roller versions. Right or left, some built-in locks are reversible.
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What is a mortise lock?
Mortice lock is another name for mortise locks. It is also found under the name of mortise lock. Even if the names diverge, the lock remains the same and fits into the thickness of the door for a perfect and completely invisible finish.

What is a 3 point lock?

A 3-point lock is a lock with 3 closing points: at the top, bottom and in the middle of the door. Mortice locks can also have 5 or 7 locking points activated by turning the key in the cylinder. 3-point locks offer an enhanced level of security against break-ins.

What is a follower?

The follower is an element of a built-in lock, often in brass, and pierced with a female square. This small metal part will allow the introduction of the male square of a door handle with crutch or button and allowing the movement of the cane.
The THIRARD range is made up of 6 sizes of mortise locks:
40 mm axis, 70 mm center distance
Axis at 50 mm center distance 70 mm
55 mm axis, 72 mm center distance (Alsace type)
Axis at 60 mm center distance 70 mm
Axis at 70 mm center distance 70 mm
Axis at 80 mm center distance 70 mm

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