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Thirard padlocks

The different models in the THIRARD range offer a brass or stainless steel padlock body in order to improve their resistance outdoors. There are nevertheless certain models designed for indoor use. The different manufacturing finishes allow an implementation that takes into account the peripheral constraints. The materials used for the shackle of our padlocks provide security against vandalism. To maximize safety, favor handles with a diameter of 10mm, uncuttable or at least 4mm to prevent it from being cut with a simple wire cutter.
On certain padlock models, the latter will be sheathed or equipped with a shouldered shackle protector which will be protected by a PVC ring. If case-hardened steel provides protection against sawing and drilling, brass or stainless steel are recommended for protection against corrosion by oxidation. Molybdenum case hardened steel has high resistance against cutting and sawing. Stainless steel is specially designed to withstand saline environments.
Please note, if you want to use a padlock to block access to an electrical panel or technical elements, it is advisable to use a model with a nylon sheath, such as a special lockout padlock.

TSA padlocks

To travel with peace of mind, Thirard also offers a range of TSA padlocks, the essential item for globetrotters. With 3 or 4 ferrules, with shackle or cables, with code or key, the TSA “Transportation Security Administration” padlock is the mandatory security element for your luggage. They will allow customs officers to check your luggage without destroying or damaging your luggage.


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