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Thirard key boxes

Very practical for storing and organizing your keys, key boxes are particularly useful within companies to manage access management. The use of this small locksmith accessory, far from being anecdotal, makes it possible to avoid losses, thefts and allows better management.

Our range of key boxes

For maximum security and to adapt to your needs, Thirard offers a wide range of key boxes. Our range includes a selection of wall boxes, cable boxes, handle boxes and flush-mounted boxes.
In order to better manage your shared access, some key boxes can be protected by padlock or code. The latter is particularly practical since anyone with the code can have access to the keys that are useful to them, such as padlock keys. Moreover, it is also possible to modify the combination if the need arises.
Thirard offers you wall-mounted key boxes that can hold from 5 to 94 keys with a combination opening system or equipped with a cylinder lock (2 keys supplied).
Thirard also offers a key box model with handles and mechanical opening with 4 digits.

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