Our Company

Located in an international hub, THIRARD ASIA is adapted to worldwide business and offers its products and packages strategically targeted to their corresponding geographical areas. Our tailor-made sales plans with various types of offers and concepts are specifically designed to suit the diverse constraints and requirements of the market. With our proactivity in developing and enriching our product range, we continue to create new Region and Market-focused product lines.

What THIRARD ASIA has to offer to cater the need of the international market, is designed to guarantee its best quality, from product range, to service and support. Our product’s clear segmentation, safety level indication,and comprehensive product characteristics information including, fact sheets, installation tutorials, downloadable documents, are designed to help and guide you to the right choice.

Our products, as well as our website is supported in 24 languages spread across different regions of the market to give you the best and unforgettable experience.

What we do

We are specialized in providing products and services in the fields of hardware, mechanical security and access control solution for customers in the global scale.

Building on Thirard products, one of the world’s leading French security hardware manufacturer, THIRARD Asia is equipped with the technology that will improve the security standard, and therefore, the safety of your community.

Capacities and Goal

Trade THIRARD’s brand products, making them available in
Hong Kong and all Asia. Accompany importers of products
manufactured in Asia, selecting the offers and supporting them in the whole importation process.
Connect our clients with our factories around the world, offering the possibility of distributors’ branding and customization of products (product marking and packaging).

Provide locksmiths and industry with high quality French made products. We are also open to consider all kind of project for a new project (machining, pressing, cuting, bending, assembling, connected products).

Vision & Ambition

“I am very proud of what we achieved with Thirard Asia.
Thirard Asia is an indispensable lever to position Thirard brand
in all regions of the world;
It is an efficient relay for distribution sourcing offices in Asia; It also opens up opportunities for us on the Chinese market. In a word, Thirard Asia is to me a success story full of promise.”

Barnabé Chivot