What is a digital padlock?

A digital padlock from Thirard combines the timeless design of a classic padlock with cutting-edge technology, opening seamlessly with just a fingerprint scan.

This advanced padlock leverages biometric technology, ensuring secure access without the need for keys or codes, offering convenience and enhanced security.

What are the advantages of a digital padlock?

Thirard’s digital padlocks offer numerous benefits:

  • Keyless entry via fingerprint recognition ensures access anytime, anywhere.
  • Simple to operate and program, ensuring ease of use.
  • Built to withstand outdoor conditions with waterproof and weatherproof features (IP65 standard).
  • Provides fast, secure locking and unlocking.

How to open a digital padlock?

Unlocking a biometric padlock is effortless—simply place your finger on the sensor for instant access.

What is the use of a digital padlock?

Thirard’s digital padlocks are versatile, suitable for securing lockers, storage units, bags, and bike locks with ease.

Adaptable to various needs, they simplify daily routines—no more forgotten keys or codes!

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