In order to provide maximum security for your valuables, Thirard has a full range of cash boxes, key cabinets, security boxes, safes and gun cabinets. Choose from multiple sizes and security levels to effectively protect your assets.
To best meet your needs, Thirard offers a wide range of safes. You will thus be able to find free-standing or built-in safes, code safes, key safes, electronic combination safes, but also lockable and combination safes.

Why have a safe?

The safe is a reliable and effective way to protect your valuables but also important documents. Although it primarily offers protection against theft, it is important to know that safes are generally fireproof and therefore protect your valuables and documents in the event of a fire.

Where to place your safe?

The positioning of a safe is a strategic question to which there are several answers. You can choose a built-in safe in this case, the ideal is to place your safe on the floor. Thus hidden under the floor, a carpet or a removable floor, your trunk will be well hidden.

How to install a safe in a house?

The installation of a safe will depend on its type of installation. Built-in safes require drilling and depositing part of the wall in order to position and seal the safe in its thickness. The free-standing safe is simply fixed using dowels to the wall or floor.


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