Market / Distribution Sector

Customer-first Management

Supported by TLC Holding, we are ready to provice an all-around service to satisfy our customer’s demand. With
our strong global management team, Third Asia is able to present to the market:

  • Specialized Distribution Service
  • Mechanical Locking Solutions Service
  • Worldwide Export Service

Our organization method cluster and our team structure ensure that we keep up with the market and to provide
optimum service to meet your expectations.


The industry sector is reinforced with the desire to
make available development and production capacities of the Thirard industrial tool, according to several frameworks: the integration of specific locks
and subcontracting, especially in the field of luxury.

Specialized distribution

TLC provides an offer divided
into 5 channels:

  • DIY stores with Thirard layouts
  • Food superstores with SP brand layouts
  • Wholesale material trading with Thirard ranges in specific professional packagings
  • Hardware building with Thirard ranges in professional packagings
  • Industrial supply with door fittings and access control solutions

Market and Sales Concept

Forerunner in packaging, we are renewing our concepts in order to gain impact in stores. The packaging design is part of a global work that includes the structure of the ranges, the layout, the merchandising and corners devoted to the brand. These programs aim to optimize the consumer experience and enhance the brand awareness of THIRARD.