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Vertical or horizontal, 1-point or multi-point, THIRARD offers a wide range of surface-mounted locks for entrance doors, cellars, interiors, but also for garages, gates and gates, etc.

What is a rim lock?

The wall lock is the oldest lock and the easiest to install. It has a visible box that attaches directly to the door jamb. The wall lock is often used on old doors.

What are the benefits of a rim lock?

The wall-mounted lock has the advantage of being very simple to install since it is enough to fix it on the amount of a door unlike a mortise lock. As it is screwed on the edge but also on the flat of the door, it benefits from a very good resistance to tearing. Finally, it brings an old side and enhances the history of old doors.

What is a door strike?

The door striker is a piece of hardware screwed to the door frame. Existing recessed or wall-mounted, it receives the bolt when the latter moves, allowing the door to be locked. There are also electric strikes allowing the automatic opening of the doors.
The degree of security for locks varies according to the sophistication of their operating mechanism and the desired function. For optimal security, Thirard offers models of A2P certified locks. Depending on your security needs, you can opt for a single-point rim lock or a multi-point lock.
Also discover our Thirard duplicate key service.

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