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THIRARD offers various accessories which reinforce the equipment of the doors and make it possible to gain in safety and comfort for the protection of the person.
Bolt: A bolt is a small lock whose bolt is generally activated with a button to lock light doors.
Peephole: The peephole allows you to see from the inside what is happening outside your home. Also called peephole or bull’s eye, it fits in your door and is also available in a digital version.
Door closer: A door closer for an entrance door is a mechanical device that allows the door to be closed without action on your part. Depending on the model, you can make several settings and adapt the closing speed of your door. Thirard models are also available according to CE standards for use in ERPs.
Window stay: The window stay keeps the windows open and prevents flapping in the wind. Several fixing systems are available to adapt to all windows. More resistant models with locking system are also available for public buildings such as schools and hospitals.
Shutter Bar: The shutter security bar is an additional security feature to block access through your windows.
Blocking keys: Thirard blocking keys prevent key intrusion and provide additional protection against picking. Key box: Securely store your various keys in a suitable box and by code or key locking.
Door stopper and stopper: Thirard’s range of door stoppers and stoppers allows you to choose your accessory according to your type of door and your type of floor. Many models are available to facilitate opening, closing and keeping it in the open position.
Also find our nameplates, coat hooks, toggle clamps, and window door equipment.


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