We lead,
we create,
we innovate !

Covering Asia and the world, providing extraordinary value to customers – companies and individuals who care about security and safety – and connecting them through the company’s industry-leading service and technology.

Our target audience includes the follows:

Core purchasing agencies
Hardware Retailers from around the world including but not limited to:
Asia, Russia, Middle East, South&North America, Africa, Oceania. Except Europe.

Integrity and mutual respect
Recycling of raw materials
Healthy, safe and secure environnement
Intellectual and industrial property rights
Compliance with manufacturing standards and conditions
Fair business practices

The core values that drive us are fully expressed in our
relationship with customers and partners:

  • Quality of the products and services
  • Good commercial practices and fair competition
  • Knowledge of our clients and partners
  • Respect of the intellectual property rights

Repair service industry
product quality

THIRARD’s Quality / Metrology Department carries
out inspections and tests of all its products at
each manufacturing stage. Regular checks over
time and throughout the chain. As a guarantee
of quality, our metrology service guarantees
accurate measurements. The quality of our
safety products is ensured by a set of tests
(endurance, resistance, durability…) which ensure
consistent quality and performance for the safety
of goods and people. Thirard follows strict
specifications for the certification of its
products (NF, CE, A2P) as well as for their
compliance with the European standards
(EN14450, EN1303, EN12209, EN15685, Fire Listing).
Thirard’s Quality management system is certified
according to ISO 9001.

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.
Can you open / repair / fix locks

We can open most locks non-destructively, and aim to repair rather than replace locks, to keep the cost down.

How long will it take the locksmith to complete?

Times can vary depending on the job. For example a mortice lock change (on average) would take around 45 minutes, but a Yale lock could be repaired or replaced within 20 minutes.

What guarantee do I get?

All parts are guaranteed for 12 months.

Do your locks conform to British Standard?

We fit locks that do conform to British Standard. Please stipulate this with the locksmith on site, or on the phone.

Can I get a receipt?

Yes, You will receive a VAT receipt on completion.

How much time will it take to install new locks?

Simply by using a Phillips head screwdriver, most individuals can replace their existing locks in just 10-15 minutes each.